Whatever you do - do it with pleasure. And this is what we at Babene like to implement on day-to-day basis. We love cooking for the most special people in our lives - you. That is right. You make our most diverse and colorful ideas come to life! We do everything in our abilities to bring you only the best quality pastry and grissini for you to enjoy. So dive right in! We have something special for you. Made with love and whole lot of pleasure!
MADE IN UKRAINE There is nothing like a feel of your home. This is why our product is made in Ukraine, from Ukrainian wheat and flour, with best quality ingredients from our home-land. A little touch of sun and deep-blue sky, a small bit of smiles of little children and some wind - are our special components. We hold close our traditions and rituals and wish to transfer them into our pastry. Everything we do - we do with love and care for you and your family. So go ahead, give us a try.
NATURAL & QUALITY INGRIDIENtS We care for you and your family, this is why we use only natural and high-quality ingredients to bring our cooking to life. We cherry-pick each of our components and test them out before baking. So be sure - you and your family will get only the best of the best results out of the oven. We do everything to make you happy and satisfied, and it includes our ingredients.
FOR KIDS WITH LOVE We care for the ones you love and we have families of our own. This is why our products are not only tasty, but healthy. We pick out only the best ingredients and recipes for you and your family. Health, care and love - best components for your daily meal.

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