To Easter

Easter cake with a hen 2023

Weight: 600 grams

This year has changed each of us. Perhaps only now have we all truly understood how important it is to preserve our customs and respect traditions, what extraordinary power they have, and what price our ancestors paid for them to reach our times. Easter, an essential and sacred holiday for every Ukrainian, is coming soon
We have been baking Easter cakes for more than 10 years, and during this time the Easter cake from Babene has become an unchanging symbol of Easter for many Ukrainian families🌻
We are very grateful to you for your trust and to the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the opportunity to continue our business🙏🏼
So, meet our new collection of Easter cakes! The composition is unchanged as always – super-soft and delicate dough, two types of raisins, candied oranges of our own production and unlimited love for you💛

Energy protein fat carbs
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