To Easter

This Easter cake with exquisite design is made according to the time-tested branded recipe “Babene”. Inside are three types of raisins, actually made candied orange, baptismal water, homemade eggs, butter and a piece of our soul are added to the dough.
Decoration with fresh berries on the fondant: strawberries, blueberries, kumquat, fezalis and sprigs of fresh rosemary.

Can weigh: 450g, 600g, 1kg.

Energy protein fat carbs
апельсинові цукатиборошно пшеничневаніліндріжджі хлібопекарськікумкваткуркумалохинамасло вершковемолокоолія рослиннародзинки трьох видіврозмаринсільсвіжі ягоди полуницяфезалісфондантцукоряйця
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